KIP solutions LOGO

The client visited Lifegiva Consult looking for a design firm who could help bring their vision to life. Their concept orbited around the name KIP Solutions, A company that provides solutions for protecting your devices and chargers while also making it pleasant to look at with the right accessories.— Identifying how best to conceive the brand’s voice and beauty, was the first step in getting this logo design to tell the KIP Solutions story.

Below you see logo design concepts developed early in the process. At this point, we were still traversing the temper of the brand along with what type of logo would make a KIP Solutions memorable. This is characteristic of  Lifegiva Consult’s rule – we start with various ideas, strain in stages to set in on the absolute solution.


Below you see a different direction than in the first draft. After showing the client, the first draft and discussing what elements they liked about it and what they did not. We decided to create a logo that is not only unforgettable but also incorporates their products and services, a logo that tells you who KIP Solutions is and what they do.

Amongst some options, we sent the client the next draft below. Black simple fonts on a white background with just a touch of red.

Finally, we resolved on the beautiful logo that defines the brand you know as KIP Solutions.

Final Logo