7 Reasons Your Brand Must Be on Social Media

Tolulope Oludapo

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Whether to take your brand on social media or not seem to be a constant question on the lips of many organisations, especially those managed by an adult in their thirties and forties or from start-ups, sole proprietors and self-manages business owners with limited resources to manage too many things.

Having studied many brands, having conversed with many business owners and having set up multiple social media account for our clients, we hope to give a detailed answer to the question; Should Your Brand Be on Social Media.

Of course, the answer is YES! But here are the Reasons Your Brand Must Be on Social Media

  1. Your Market/audience/Customers are on social media

Regardless of the kind of service or product you provide, as long as it is to people, your customers are on social media.

Instagram has 1 Billion active users and Facebook has more than double that, not to count the other social media platforms; Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Snapchat this are huge statistics.

I know some demographics are not on social media, take for instance you sell a product meant for ageing parents, but then, their children or grandchildren are on social media, and maybe you offer services that people just don’t buy on social media, take for instance you run a private plane charter service, you still need social media, what for? Then ask yourself why luxury car brands like Ferrari or Mercedes bother owning social media accounts.

  1. Increase Communication between Brands and customers

It just makes sense to talk to your audience where they are as against directing them to another place.

Gone are the days you have to always direct your customers to your websites to get information from them or get them to take an action, give feedbacks or place an order, now, you do it where they are and they are always on social media.

That is why things like leave a comment or send us a Direct message are very common now.

  1. Better SEO Ranking

Every company, business or brand wants to be found on the front page of search engines, but do you know that an active social media presence is one of the factors that contribute to how well you rank for Search Engines?

So, even if your audience or customers aren’t on social media, or you do not need one to sell your product, if you will like to rank well on search engines, then you cannot joke with not being on social media.

  1. Your competition is already on social media

Your goal as a business or brand is to do more than your competitors, not less. You want to create a more effective system not a less effective one, and if your competitors are using social media, not taking a cue from them is not wise.

  1. Finding potential customers who don’t know your brand

You stand a better chance of being discovered when you put your business and brand where people are.

Think about it, which is easier to find? Your website or your Instagram page? People would most likely have to know you to visit your website, but with a good post or hashtags, your social media page stands a better chance. Your website stands a better chance of being discovered via your social media account.

  1. Aids brand to understand customers

Another reason to be on social media is to be able to understand your customers, they are already on social media, they communicate and interact there, following and having them follow your account will give you a great insight on their behaviour; the time they are actively online or on their phones, how much they spend, their interests and lots more.

The kind of insights social media provides could serve as a goldmine for brands who know how to use it.

  1. Social Media is fun

If you are quite active on Twitter, you will remember an era where EFCC’s twitter account made a wave, tweet after tweet. An account you expect to be serious and purely official had a great time communicating her ideals with humour.

Social media is fun, and you don’t want to be left behind.

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